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Intro to the fret-board Guitar fret-board basics and strings
Guitar fret-board notes Guitar notes and placement
Picking hand exercises Guitar picking exercises.
Fretting the notes pick control Picking and fretting exercises
A minor pentatonic scale A minor pentatonic scale all positions.
Using the pentatonic scale A minor pentatonic scale continued.
Pentatonic scale continued A minor pentatonic exercises.
Guitar Lesson 8 Open position chords and tablature.
Guitar Lesson 9 A minor pentatonic and tablature.
 Playing in time Timing and rhythm and pentatonic positions
Pentatonic positions Playing lead and the pentatonic scale
How to construct progressions Chord formulas and guitar progressions.
Must know, Play in position Play C, G, D and A major in one position.
Guitar Lesson 14 Playing lead over the G major progression.
Timing-scales and symbols Learn timing symbols and exercises
Guitar arpeggios Arpeggio construction and scale relationships.
C major modes Learn the modes in the key of C major.
Major scale theory Constructing major scales.
Key signature theory Key signatures and the major scale.
Using F major modes F major modes and playing lead over changes.
Learn guitar inversions Guitar Chord Inversions – must know.
Guitar Lesson 22 Leading to modulation. Major Scale Cadences, harmonic and melodic minor scale construction.
Guitar Lesson 23 Leading to modulation part 2. Cadence, modulation, harmonic, melodic, minor and major scales.
 Guitar lesson 24  Cadence
Guitar Lesson 25 Leading to modulation, part 4.
Guitar lesson 26  Leading to modulation, part 5. C major and closely related keys, modulation, cadence and common guitar scales.