Free Guitar Lessons

Free online guitar lessons

Free Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lesson 1     Learn about the fretboard. Fretboard lesson with Video

Guitar Lesson 2     Fretboard continued.

Guitar Lesson 3     Picking Exercises.

Guitar Lesson 4     Picking and fretting exercises.

Guitar Lesson 5     Learning the A minor pentatonic scale.

Guitar Lesson 6     A minor pentatonic scale continued.

Guitar Lesson 7     A minor pentatonic exercises.

Guitar Lesson 12    Chord formulas and progressions.

Guitar Lesson 14    Playing lead over the G major progression. Mastering the fretboard.

Guitar Lesson 15    Using the root 6 and root 5 bar chords.

Guitar Lesson 16    Arpeggio construction and scale relationships.

Guitar Lesson 17B  Learn the modes in the key of C major.

Guitar Lesson 17    C major Ionian and chord relationships.

Guitar Lesson 18    Constructing the major scales.

Guitar Lesson 18B  Key Signatures.

Guitar Lesson 18C  Play C, G, D and A major in one position.

Guitar Lesson 19    Pentatonic chords and scale relationships.

Guitar Lesson 20    F major modes and playing lead over changes.

Guitar Lesson 21    Guitar Chord Inversions.

Guitar Lesson 22    Leading to modulation. Major Scale Cadences, harmonic and melodic minor scale construction.

Guitar Lesson 23    Leading to modulation part 2. Cadence, modulation, harmonic, melodic, minor and major scales.

Guitar Lesson 24    Learning to construct 7 chords and tapping.

Guitar Lesson 25    Leading to modulation, part 4.

Guitar lesson 26     Leading to modulation, part 5. C major and closely related keys, modulation, cadence and common guitar scales.

Fretboard lesson with Video

Acoustic guitar sound file

Diatonic scale exercise

Simple electric rhythm

Harmonizing in 3rds

Guitar modes and Lead Guitar

A Blues scale

12 Bar Blues Shuffle in E

Guitar scales of the day

Root 6 bar chords

Root 5 minor bar chords

C chords and positions

Guitar Capo Information

G major scale exercise

D major and using 5 positions

Seasons Change
Original song lead and rhythm played on the acoustic guitar.

Listen to the E Phrygian mode played heavy