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WwinMusic offers you the opportunity to start an online business. You will receive a free website that you manage and build, a free domain name and hosting service.

  • Promote your own YouTube Videos
  • Promote your personal YouTube Channel
  • Offer your lessons for free or for a fee
  • Build your own members section and community forum
  • Build your online business

Showcase your personal YouTube Lessons on

There are millions of people making some serious cash from their own personal YouTube videos. Right now’s a great time to cash in on your YouTube videos. You can build your own YouTube channel and offer your lessons or products through your personal WwinMusic Website. With your WwinMusic website, you can showcase each of YouTube video lessons, whether you teach guitar, violin, drums, harmonia or sitar. We are the World Wide Instructor’s Network, we welcome all musically related sites.

With your WwinMusic website, you can not only grow your own YouTube business, but you can also set up your website to run an Instructional learning business.¬†You will find the tools needed to add your YouTube Videos and build a private members section. You can offer your lessons for free or set up a price plan for members. It’s your business, you run it the way you want to.

For musicians, you also receive a free website. You might want to use the website to share information through posts or build a community of other musicians. You will find the tools for this as well.

You can choose the type of YouTube Video layout to use.

Once you begin to build your website, you can decide what type of YouTube layout you prefer.

You can add your personal YouTube channel videos and offer your lessons to each of your members. You will need to register for a YouTube Channel and then obtain your API code from Google.

You decide whether your videos are shown in the gallery format or as a playlist or individual. Examples are illustrated below.