Instructor Payment Information

WwinMusic Instructor policy and agreement 

Instructors and students are offered free membership to join and use WwinMusic.

WwinMusic offers free lessons and also lessons for a fee, determined by the Instructor.

If the instructor chooses to sell a particular lesson, the transaction will be handled through PayPal or another secure merchant account determined by WwinMusic.  

The Instructor determines the cost of each lesson and will setup the PayPal information manually for each lesson.

How the WwinMusic payment plan works.

All lesson sales will be handled by PayPal or other secure merchant accounts.

If the instructor chooses to sell their lessons, WwinMusic will earn a 20% commission for each lesson sold.

WwinMusic will handle all sales and reimburse each instructor monthly, minus the 20% commission for each lesson that has sold. All payments will be sent to the instructor’s PayPal account on the 1st of each month.